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What is VIN-code, and where can I find it?

VIN-code is the number of the car chassis. This unique code consists of 17 characters.
The location of the VIN code can be different in different car models.

Is your registration certificate at hand?

VIN code in the registration certificate is usually specified in the very beginning.
Here is how it looks in the Estonian registration certificate:

img of techpass pointer

Is your insurance policy at hand?

Find the insurance policy among the letters that the insurance company has sent you,
and you are likely to find the VIN code there.

car insurance example pointer

Under the windshield

Modern manufacturers indicate VIN code under the windshield on the driver side.

img with VIN-code img with VIN-code pointer

If you cannot find the VIN code under the windshield, the glass may have been replaced and now the code is hidden.Or the VIN code was not originally specified there.In any case, there are several options where you can find the VIN code.

In other places on the chassis

There are several places on the chassis where you can find the VIN.Keep in mind that different manufacturers use different places for specifying the VIN code.By the way, when buying a car, it is not superfluous to check the VIN code in several places.

Under the bonnet
it can be either on the passenger side or the driver side

img with VIN-code img with VIN-code
otherCar pointer pointer pointer

On the door pillar
(look for the black plate)

img with VIN-code img with VIN-code

Under the floor lining
Remove the mat and see if there is a small hatch that can be opened.
It can be both on the side of the driver or passenger seats.

img with VIN-code

Cannot find the VIN code?
Search in the catalog of car brands »

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