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What is the part's manufacturer code, and where to find it?

Spare part manufacturer code is a unique identifier that helps to distinguish one spare part from another.

Find the manufacturer code on the spare part body

Manufacturer code is frequently specified on the spare part itself. For example, on this Valeo thermostat, the code is specified near the producer name.
Note that the code may be specified on the bottom or on the side of the spare part. It can be hard to see it because of the color of the metal.

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Look at the product packaging

If you have preserved the product packaging, then the manufacturer code is likely to be indicated there.

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In the original catalogs and diagrams

Original electronic catalog from the manufacturer contains manufacturer codes (OE-codes). Moreover, use car diagrams on our website to find the spare part code. Press the [i] button in the right menu near the diagram to do that.

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Open the paper catalog

If you have a paper catalog from the manufacturer, then there you can definitely find the codes of the car parts in the catalog.

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Ask for the spare part code from the dealer

You can always ask for the spare part code from your car brand representative. You can also get the spare part code from the closest repair shop or spare parts shop.

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